A few years ago I lived in a place where I couldn't have pets. You know what I'm talking about. That annoying roommate that owns the house and wont let you have a cat. Or your boss who says you can't bring your dog to work.

Well one spring day I walked down the street. I saw seeds on the ground and began picking them up. 

Blue Pictoree | Grow a Tree Kit

I gently carried the seeds home. I prepared a paper cup by filling it with dirt and poking holes in the bottom. I planted the seeds and waited for them to grow. Over the next few days my new pet Herman sprouted. My new tree Herman grew and grew into a beautiful little tree. When he got to big for his little pot I planted him in the neighbors flowerbed and planted a new Herman.

I realized how much joy it brought to my day to have a little tree to take care of. Now you can grow a pet tree and name it too!

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