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Pictoree Instructions

Pictoree Pet Tree Instructions

  1. Place the dirt in the pot

  2. Wet the soil surface and open the pot and fill the reservoir.

  3. Use a pen or small object to make hole about ¼ inch deep.

  4. Plant Honey Locust seed into hole and cover with moist dirt.

  5. Seed should sprout within 3-4 days

  6. If no growth in 3-4 days gently uncover seed. (seed should be light brown and swollen)

  7. If seed is not swollen and sprouting try another seed. Or contact Pictoree for help

  8. Once sapling is growing fill reservoir with water once per week.

  9. Tree should be kept in an area with good light.

  10. Enjoy!

Thanks from Pictoree Products!

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